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Caracas, Venezuela
From February 20 to 26, 2024

Venezuelan architects call for an international spring break, which aims to bring together students from all over the world to demystify and  reimagine the Guaire River of Caracas through 1:1 scale interventions Organized by Dislocal with the support of the
École Spéciale d'Architecture - Paris, France, and the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Central University of Venezuela.

What? The Study Program Description

The spring break study program in February 2024 is an exciting opportunity for architecture students and others from universities around the world to engage in a comprehensive exploration of the Guaire River in Caracas. The program is designed to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the river’s magnitude, infrastructure condition, and its potential as an integrating space within the city. Furthermore, the program aims to facilitate the reconstruction of the river’s memory through immersive fieldwork experiences, culminating in the construction of a site-specific project.

Where? Exploration of Guaire River

During the week-long program, participants will have the opportunity to explore the Guaire River from various perspectives. This may involve studying its historical significance, analyzing its current state, and envisioning its future potential as a vital component of Caracas’ urban landscape. The exploration will include guided tours along different sections of the river, allowing participants to witness firsthand the diverse aspects of its infrastructure and surroundings.

Why? Infrastructure Condition and Possibilities & Reconstruction of River Memory

A key focus of the study program will be to assess the infrastructure condition of the Guaire River as an enviromental resource for the city. This involve examining existing structures that interact with the river. Participants will be encouraged to envision possibilities for enhancing the river’s role as an integrating space within the city, encompassing discussions on urban planning, landscape, architecture, and sustainable development strategies aimed at revitalizing the nature and the community and citizenship relationship with the river.

Understanding and reconstructing the memory of the Guaire River will be a fundamental aspect of the program. By delving into the cultural and social significance of the river over time, participants can contribute to a collective effort to preserve its heritage while envisioning new narratives for its future.

How? Fieldwork Experience and Construction Project
The study program will offer hands-on fieldwork experiences that allow participants to engage directly with the Guaire River and its surroundings. This involve activities such as site analysis, sketching, photography, and data collection aimed at informing subsequent design interventions. The culmination of the program will be marked by the construction of a site-specific project along the river, providing participants with a tangible opportunity to apply their knowledge and creativity in shaping a physical intervention within this urban context.


The ARRIVAL is scheduled for Tuesday, February 20, 2023. This involves an introduction to the participants, including foreign guests who may be joining online or in person. The event spans five days, with each day dedicated to different activities and objectives.

DAY 1: Wednesday February 21, 2023 The first day includes remote observation and field reconnaissance, with a guided tour and excursion in the different scenarios of Guaire river. Additionally, there will be discussions on chronicles and graphic history, as well as dialogue and sharing among the participants.

DAY 2: Thursday February 22, 2023 The second day focuses on an intuitive project, group project work, drawings, cartographies, and work planning and forecasting. This day emphasizes collaborative and creative activities aimed at project development.

DAY 3: Friday February 23, 2023 This day is dedicated to work on the project. It is a continuation of the previous day’s activities, focusing on project development through 1:1 scale implementation.

DAY 4: Saturday February 24, 2023 Similar to the previous day, Thursday is dedicated to project work. Participants continue their efforts in advancing their projects and achieving their goals.

DAY 5: Sunday February 25, 2023 The final day of the program continues with project work. It culminates in project restitution and a celebratory gathering over brindis.

EXIT: Monday February 26, 2023. The end.


For: Students and professionals graduated from all Schools of Architecture and related careers all over the world.

Online / Tuition fee: $ 360

In-person / Tuition fee: $ 720

Dates: From February 21 to 25, 2023

Duration: 40 hours

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