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Dis_Local is a platform that brings together Venezuelan architects and urban disciplines in different latitudes, together with a network of global cooperation. We want to build and not simulate reality, focused on the peripheral world. 

We are an experimental on-site university. We approach designing while educating with an eye for net-zero sustainable processes through architecture and policy. We take an experimental space, on-site, live with real-time problem-solving tools to construct in the context of challenging socio-economic conditions across the globe. 

Dis_Local offers students of any level from anywhere in the world, the opportunity to learn experience-based project architecture and focus on one of our city sites across the Globe. We let you experiment with us. We offer high-profile professors in architecture, engineering, and sustainability to guide your work through common problems of the city landscape.

Our organization follows the philosophy that urban areas will undoubtedly expand into the rural areas and create a live feedback loop between rural-city. For us, the city fabric offers an intersection between urban development models and the exploration of peripheries as part of a fresh irreverent context, where new spaces hatch.

The 2023-2024 cycle will jumpstart with a semester tin Paris meant to offer students credits that can be adapted to different university systems into a trimester, a summer school, internship experience, or capacity-building workshops for local civil society organizations, mayors, and their teams, or others. We tailor our curriculum into workshops, seminars, speaking events, and more within our partnering universities, municipalities, international organizations, and global institutions: UN, World Bank, CAF, IADB, ADB, AfDB, etc. This is followed by an in-person sustainable architecture trip whereby students will explore architecture, design political sustainable outputs in the built environment in Costa Rica, and finally the built prototype in Caracas, Venezuela. Each year we rotate the field trip but always develop a project in Venezuela. 

Our program is designed to create a profile of professionals endowed with local tools to face the new challenges of the peripheral globe. We look to connect your future in architecture with trends in emerging urban development towards a sustainable outlook with equitable, inclusive, and carbon-neutral projects through a human lens. The commitment is to build a resource-efficient world, both on the social and environmental front. 

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