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Our Team.

In 2021, Maria Beatriz Garcia Rincon was looking for an architectural team in Caracas for a project in El Calvario. She met Marcos Coronel Bravo at an online series. Soon after meeting online they ventured to Hansin in El Hatillo, a local artisanal shop that focuses on local artists and their artistry of Venezuelan themed goods. Marcos Coronel asked Maria Beatriz if she would like to create an online platform for an online platform that would build capacity, knowledge and transfer of knowledge for students during COVID when the national universities were closed and also for professionals seeking to improve their architecture skills and manage their own architectural projects in low-income areas where participatory methods were needed. Marcos slowly introduced Maria B. to a group of architects mainly graduates from the University Central of Venezuela (FAU-UCV) and they established a set of weeks worth of governance bult dialogue to establish the overarching goals of the organization. Maria Beatriz was looking to establish a firm, and Marcos a educational opportunities for university students outside of term due to COVID school lack-ins. Mainly, the founding team included: Khristian Ceballos, Rafael Machado, Marcello Ertortuguey, Sara Valente, Julio Kowolenko, Tono Salas, Alejandro Borrachia, Luciano Landaeta, Henry Ruedas, Diego Peris, Luis Rodrigues, Estelle and Soraya, Oliver and Marije, 




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