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based in France


Universite Val-de-Seine 
French - Spanish - English


20 Hour Intensive Course 
Architecture for a Transitory Temporal Life

This year la University Val-de-Seine School of Architecture has signed an agreement with DisLocal to invite students to participate in an intensive 20 hour module for  credit. Students from around the world will receive transfer credit for their Winter or Summer Semester credits, and independent studies can be developed to tailor your semester to the needs of your study. 

The topic: We will discuss and test our ideas and hypothesis with a community. First, we will tackle the identification of a site for the purposes of creating transitory dwellings. Instead of camping sites, we want to design spaces that allow for human capital to multiple itself. The types of spaces we would like to identify must have transitory dwellings for underserved communities. These include the homeless, women who are victims of home violence, refugees, children rescued from violence and the respective NGOs sponsoring their recovery and/or women and men who in a state of transition seek dwellings but are capped out of their financial means by a market that seeks to benefit from their transitory process, or their temporal instability brought upon by the many ways society is constantly in transition. Transition here is a concept that includes citizenship, parent instability and their offspring, females in spaces that are violent, sexual orientation related violence related victims, refugees and other types of situations not captured here but are transitory. In addition, pets and animals escaping violence will also be studied for designed space for the community. Mainly, cats and dogs, but to include birds and other types of pets that in situations are in transition and can accompany a social and architectural and infrastructure design. 

Professors: Antonella Di Trani from Universite Val De Seine, Maria Beatriz Garcia Rincon Dislocal Social & Environmental 
Academic Board Guests: David Gourvernuer Landscape Architecture & Urban Design
DisLocal International Guests: Marcos Coronel, Luciano Landaeta, Rafael Machado
International Development Guests: Public Sector in France; International Organizations as Guests for Final Projects 
Dislocal Architect in-person: Khristian Ceballos

DisLocal Landscape Approach: Daniel Otero via Online from Belgium 
Marketing in Architecture & Partners for Public Relations, Events and Strategy



A site of war. Now this area expands its welcome to victims of other countries' wars, authoritarian regimes, and allow for healing to transition into new spaces where community governance and democratic space-making can come into existence.

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